Posted by: Chris Maloney | January 5, 2011

Job and the Modern Day

Selection of notable mutations. References for...

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The orphan disease of the day:  Job’s Syndrome.

All of you who think Job was alone in his suffering need a refresher course in the strange things the human body can do.  There is a rare disease that manifests about the way Job would have experienced his own condition.  It is called Job’s Syndrome

Since it is genetic in origin, the standard treatments of steroids and antibiotics are all that is available.  The curious thing is that I see many of the same traits in different patients and we’re able to resolve them in some cases.  It makes we wonder about the manifestations of the genetic mutation and how much variability the disease has depending on environmental factors. 

There is one heart warming story about a child with the syndrome who received prayer and a sweetheart prize. 

Now what we need is a disease that manifests as terrible luck.  That’s one disease I’d test for.  It could be used as a defense in court cases:  “I’m sorry your honor.  I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I suffer from Luckless Syndrome.”   


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