Posted by: Chris Maloney | December 5, 2010

Terry Pratchett And Alzheimer’s

Terry Pratchett, 2004

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Terry Pratchett speaks about having Alzheimer’s.  If you’d like to just read the speech, go here

It is troubling that he was also knighted after he announced he had Alzheimer’s, like they were waiting for that before they knighted him. 

In his discussion of Alzheimer’s, Sir Pratchett says a lot of people have been bothering him about alternatives for Alzheimer’s.  Since it is highly unlikely that my own two cents will get through, this is for all those people who have Alzheimers and don’t happen to be knights. 

I have written about Alzheimer’s and mad cow disease.  It occurs to me that we are treating Alzheimer’s like an unexplained, genetically linked autoimmune disease.  So we’re completely missing the boat.  Something is activating the plaquing, and that something is in our environment, not just in our genes.  At this point Sir Pratchett and so many others are busy stuffing their faces with handfuls of pills, the majority of which will not cross the blood brain barrier and which, by distracting the liver from its regularly scheduled tasks, are actually making things worse. 

What needs to be done is a specific work up, not just of the Alzheimer’s risk, but of the macrophage levels, the liver detoxification pathways, and -dare I say it- the makeup of the cerebrospinal fluid for abnormalities.  I’m betting that none of this has been done, even for someone with Pratchett’s bucks. 


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