Posted by: Chris Maloney | November 11, 2010

Chocolate: It’s what’s for dinner?

A chocolate fountain in Brussels

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Despite all of alternative medicine‘s attempts to downgrade chocolate, the cocoa bean has been resilient and tough to get out of people’s diets.  Now we’re seeing grudging studies on coca, cocoa, chocolate, and coffee.  All of them show either a wash at moderate doses or actual health benefits

The use of dark chocolate, in particular, has led to some really good health benefits.  On Sweet Grass Medicine, there’s a discussion of the milk in milk chocolate possibly blocking chocolate’s benefits.   Not something the dairy council wants to hear. 

At this point, it makes sense to use organic chocolate in moderation.  I’d look for unrefined cocoa, and we should start to see cocoa being tested for its antioxidant levels. 


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