Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 28, 2010

Does the Ox Need Meat to Build Muscle?


Image by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden via Flickr

The title is from an 18th century discussion of vegetarianism.  People tend to forget that these “new age” practices are age old.  The concept that one needs to eat meat to build muscle has always been very good for meat sales and a very poor idea for former athletes who forget to exercise but continue to shovel in the high saturated fat diet. 

It seems evident that the human body is fully capable of converting plant matter into muscle, but the proper diet for any athlete is the one in which they have the best performance.  That requires athletes to at least try a variety of diets lest they miss what would work best for their bodies. 

By the way, simply trying a new diet may add 5% to performance. 


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