Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 26, 2010

When you are feeling like life is impossible…

Piano for two players.

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Often things can see impossible, or at least impossibly difficult.  Most of us will only put in a little bit of effort, and we give up at the first sign of real difficulty. 

How often is it our own minds that prevent us from doing what we want to do.  Is “it’s impossible” just another way of saying, “it’s difficult and I’m tired.” 

I’m reminded of the old saying:  “you’ll never play the piano again,” which became the punchline for jokes by comedians who never played the piano in the first place. 

Can you imagine the doctors all clustered around this old fellow, talking in hushed tones about his injury.  He pipes up, “Doc, will I ever play the fiddle again?”  His doctors look at him with grave faces and shake their heads.  But look, he didn’t listen to them after all. 


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