Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 22, 2010

Dietitian Takes You Through Food Label Lies

Saturated fats

Image by Snazzo via Flickr

It’s always disheartening to learn that our FDA is not in fact very effective at preventing us all from poisoning ourselves with fast food.  I remember my own wake up call came when I was teaching a college course on nutrition and called the FDA about a disturbing new trend:  fully hydrogenated polyunsaturated fats.  It’s a mouthful, and the average person has no idea that when you fully hydrogenate a fat like canola oil, you make it into lard.  It is fully saturated, ie. a saturated fat, the kind we’re all supposed to avoid.  But when I checked with the FDA scientist, he confirmed that the manufacturer could still list the fat as polyunsaturated on the ingredients and could still list the fat contained as unsaturated.  He suggested that it would be unethical not to list the fat as saturated, but it would not be illegal. 

Here’s an RD discussing even more gruesome food untruths found on food labels. 


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