Posted by: Chris Maloney | October 11, 2010

Vaccination Update: Roll Out the Music Videos

2009 flu pandemic in South America

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The H1N1 pandemic is back for round two, and this time we’ve got the vaccine available.  If you want the data for what I’m about to say, it’s all at Guerrilla Healthcare for the Flu.  Basically, we’ve got a good match this year, although I haven’t seen the new reports on what we’re getting.  So if you’re vaccinating, then this is a good year to vaccinate.  Older patients are already likely to have some immunity and if you got last year’s vaccine it doesn’t seem like we’re getting anything new.  If you were exposed and already had H1N1 like we were, chances are you already have antibodies.   At this point even 25% of house cats have been exposed.  But we’re seeing a huge push to vaccinate everyone this year.  From mandatory vaccination orders to this lighter view on vaccination.  We’re also seeing about twice the normal reports on side effects, although the serious side effect picture is about average. 



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