Meditation: An Antidote To Multitasking.

I first started meditating when I was eight. When you are eight and someone farts in a silent meditation room, it is really funny. I remember spending most of an hour trying not to laugh. It must have been very disturbing to everyone else, but no one said anything.

Over the years, I continue to have great respect for the simplicity of meditation. It doesn’t require anything but the person’s mind and attention. We could all use a little more attention.

I wish I could say that I meditate regularly. I have small children. Small children think someone in meditation wishes to have a finger stuck up his nose or to be tackled. If they are forbidden to touch, they will maintain an obsessive hawklike stare that can be felt like laser beams through closed eyelids. I may meditate in eighteen years.

I think this post gives some very good points about Vipassana meditation.


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