Posted by: Chris Maloney | July 12, 2010

MBTs (rolling shoe)

I almost got a pair of these today, but my wife talked me out of them.  Turns out that the cost is due to research they have been doing.  If you look at the site, they have a range of small studies.   I also read through the primary skeptic’s site, and it gave me some thoughts.  My own experience was a rapid readjustment of weight, which tends to make my back realign.  I have no idea if this would be a good thing or a bad thing long term.  But to quote my wife:  “You don’t have back pain.”  So I don’t really need the shoes, and they do destabilize.  But for those who have chronic back pain, it makes sense to have at least a test run in the shoe store (Lamey Wellehan’s sells them here in Augusta).  I can say with assurance that the shoe forces you to hold yourself differently.  I would also say that if your issues are knee related, this would be a bad idea, because the ligaments of your calves are going to be working double time.  But it is fascinating what simply sawing the heel of a shoe can do to a person’s stance.


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