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Past listings on pandamedicine

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The following are in no particular order, but give you a sense of many of the answers I have given in the past. 

Dry itchy spots

Blood and protein in the urine

Baby’s first food

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Low platelets, high white blood cell count

Interstitial  Cystitis

Numbness in hand

Lung cancer large and small cell

Pancreas and diabetes

Arachnoid cyst


Eczema out of control

Mouth sores

Hypoglycemia and blurred vision

Dizziness after whey protein shake

Spotting pink blood

Periods blood color change

Choosing contraception

Bad veins

Blackouts, extreme violent fits

Cyst burst on ovary

Can acupuncture meridian be destroyed?

ND vs NP

Nasal polyps

Frozen shoulder

Watery, drippy eye

Parkinson’s Disease

Low eye pressure

Face numbness

Bloody puke

Gain Weight Diet

Complex Ovarian Cyst

Effexor Withdrawal Help

Topamax for Bipolar Disease

Lung nodule

Multiple lung nodules

Multiple Sclerosis

MS and amalgam removal

Chronic constipation

Naval discharge and smell

Autoimmune hepatitis

Tear in the placenta

Post hysterectomy period?

Depressed hairy Mirena

Mirena drug safety report


Sharp pain in upper abdomen

Protein in the urine

Mirena and migraines

Mirena and UTIs

Hypoglycemia and nuts

Complete protein and carbohydrate lists

Not able to smell or taste

Silverbiotic? What the hell are you thinking?

Trinity College Education

Coumadin vs.  Natural alternatives

Bleeding when intimate

ND vs. MD

Best ND school?  Realistic income?

Allergic dermatitis to dairy?

Acid and alkaline producing foods

Is there a natural substitute for interferon treatment?


Pemphoid skin condition


Uterine tone

Strep throat

Child lack of immunization

Reflux still in 8 month old

Cancer supplement BIRM life root

Tumor necrosis


Mono after 1.5 years

mercury blood test

High cholesterol and propanolol

Mangosteen juice

Info on infant thrush

ADHD and meds

Oral steroids and weight gain

black patches

NPLEX results

Salaries of NDs?


Wellbutrin in kids

Enlarged ovary

Swollen knee…gout?

PCOS and hysterectomy

EPA fish oil

Interstitial Cystitis

Easily chilled leading to recurrent colds

Miso soup

Hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, diverticulosis

Hypotonia at 14 months


Out of shape infant head

Epstein Barr virus

Child scratches at night



Yeast infection antibiotics

Abnormally long period

Baby’s first food

Urine odor causing illness

Antidepressant Withdrawal


3 year old discolored tooth

Belly fat

Low metabolism


PTSD Post Traumatic Stress


Liver cyst

Heart Arrhythmia and verapamil

Free cure for prostate and breast cancer




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